Lunch Bolts, the Lowcountry Lightning's First Practice Group

UPDATE: the City of North Charleston reversed itself and decided to not allow access to the Danny Jones facility for the Lunch Bolts. We are looking for alternatives and we expect to have a new site within the next few days. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

We are happy and excited to announce that Lowcountry Lightning are officially launching Tuesday September 5!

Our first practice group is focused on kids with unconventional school schedules. All Lunch Bolts start at 1 pm Mondays through Saturdays. Practice duration depends on each swimmer's age and ability: 1-2 pm for younger and/or novice swimmers; 1-2:30 pm for intermediate competitive swimmers; and 1-3 pm for older and more experienced competitive swimmers.

We've coached dozens of kids with unique school schedules over the years, and we always enjoy their participation and contributions to the team. With midday practices we provide more attention and value to these swimmers, while freeing their afternoon and evening schedules for other activities and sports.

If you are interested in hearing more about Lunch Bolts, please contact us and we will begin the Evaluation Process for you and your swimmer.

Courtney Faller