Lowcountry Lightning

Join Our Family

Are you interested in learning if your family is the right fit for Lowcountry Lightning? Our Evaluation Process involves the following steps:



1. Contact Us

The first step is to arrange a parent-coach meeting with one of us. Please complete and submit the form to the right to get the Process started. Thank you!


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2. Meet the Head Coach

We take pride in giving individual attention to our swimmers and families, and it starts before you've even officially joined. The first meeting allows Coach Courtney to explain the Lightning philosophy, methodology, and metrics for success, and gives families the opportunity to ask specific questions about their own needs.

3. Swimmer Meeting and Evaluation

After the initial meeting, we then schedule a "one on one" with Coach Courtney and the swimmer. The first part involves discussing the swimmer's mindset and motivation about swimming. Afterwards the swimmer gets in the water and works with Coach Courtney on various strokes and drills. (NOTE: we do not evaluate swimmers on speed or ability.)

4. Live Practices

The meeting and evaluation gives us an idea of the best fitting practice group for the swimmer, and s/he can then participate in "live practices" for up to one week. (Before attending a practice, we will ask a parent or guardian to sign a waiver.) This gives the swimmer a chance to become familiar with the daily practice routine and get to know potential teammates.

5. Official Join

If after live practices the swimmer and family believe the Lightning is a good fit, then we will complete the process and register the swimmer to compete for and represent our team.